Shelter For the Damned


This is a coming of age horror story about the main character learning to deal with the consequences of the violence that he uses while dealing with conflict.  Dealing with how his parents and his school decide to deal with his actions becomes a grounding point in the real world that becomes a grounding force making the supernatural terror that emerges later in book contribute to the progression of the temptations of violence.  As an eerie supernatural presence encourages more violent behavior it serves not only as an entertaining plot point, but also becomes a symbol of internal conflict.  A gifted horror writer weds the realities of real world terror to the realities of supernatural terror….which is what Mike Thorn does exceptionally well.  There are a lot of dark twists and turns that made me gasp in terror but the suspense made it impossible to put down.   People who like to read about some of the more dark choices people make will enjoy this story. I am a lover of a great macabre tale, which is why I would highly recommend this book!

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